Christopher Singleton

Bellevue, WA 98005




I'm open to expanding my horizons and taking on new challenges in Information Systems. 

My C#, HTML, CSS, and T-SQL coding skills are very strong. I have an even stronger interest in learning more. Interested in a position as a data analyst/developer using the experience and skills I have learned.

With over two years with SQL coding while going to college, I'm interested in enhancing the skills that I already have, while working in a professional productive environment.


I also have near 4 years of Data Control, VBA, Visual Basic Coding. I’m expanding my horizons to use more of my skill sets in Information Systems Business Intelligence.  I'm very strong with T-SQL Query, SQL Server 2014 and Visual Studio.Net 2015 Enterprise.




Business Intelligence Analyst / Software Developer:


*Transact SQL Query (T-SQL)                                *BI Stack (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)                        *Star/Snowflake Schemas


*Data Modeling, Cube Design, Excel                       *MDX Query (SSAS)                                         *Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)


*Cube/Excel Data Reports                                      *SQL, C#, ASP.Net,  HTML, CSS, JavaScript     *VB/VBA Macros/DOS Bat File Script


*Data Mining (DMX)                                                *Data Warehouse (De-Normalized OLAP)       *Network / Configuration / ASP.Net


Bellevue College, Bellevue, WA
June 2014 - Current

Major: Associate of Applied Science AAS-T  Business Intelligence SQL Analyst/Developer


            BUSIT 103(SQL Coding), 105(SSRS, Reporting), 110(SSIS-ETL), 115(SSAS, Data Mining), 202(Multi-dimensional Modeling), 209 (Advanced SSRS, Tableau) DBA130 


            Prog109(HTML, CSS, JavaScript), 110(C#), 117(Advanced C#, ASP.Net, JavaScript, HTML, CSS), 140(Advanced T-SQL, C#, MDX) 


         Completed  (BI Analyst Certification Completed)

         Completed (BI Developer Certification Completed)

Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Kirkland, WA                                                                                                September 2010 – January 2012
Major: Mechanical Engineering Graphics Design                         
             CATIA V5 R21   I , II & III                                                          Certificate of Completion
             Solidworks 2012  I & II                                                                                    Completed
             Auto CAD II & III 2012 II & III                                                                         Completed
                                                                                                                                                                              November 1994 - March 1996         
Major: Automotive Technician I & II                                            Certificate of Completion      
                                                                                                                                                                              February 1993 - July 1993
•      Major: Advanced AutoCAD III & IIII                                                                      Completed                                 
                                                                                                                                                                              July 1988 - January 1990
Major: Structural Engineering Graphics Design                            Certificate of Completion           
Griffin Business College, Bellevue, WA                                                                                                                        February 1985 – March 1986  
Major: Computerized Accounting                    
Job Corps, Astoria, OR                                                                                                                                              July 1981 - February 1983   
Major: Electronics Assembly                                                          Certificate of Completion
Work Experience
L & E Tubing Inc., Lynnwood, WA                                                             July 2011 - April 2015
Document Control Specialist/Data Control 
Aerospace Engineering Design / Manufacturing
Design Tubes, sheet metal Parts, Fixtures and Jigs using CATIA V5 to manufacturing specifications.
Drafting from Models to ANSI and ASME Standards including Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances.
(G.D.&T) Create blocks and BOM's While drafting in CATIA V5.
     Use Generative Shape Design (G.S.D.) to solve engineering problems on drawings with CATIA V5.
     Edit CATIA documents for coordinates of bends and distances for manufacturing. 
Work with Quality Control Management to insure AS9100C manufacturing Quality and A.S.M.E. design
standards while designing with CATIA V5. Created 3D Part Marks and Flow Directions for Assemblies views.
    Manipulate drawings between CAD softwares, import/export file types conversions.
    Convert file types from different design programs to other engineering drawing programs.
Create, maintain master files for engineering drawings, documents and update specifications.
    Document Control: Control documents, part numbering system and revisions using the database and other 
Manage ECN process origination, routing and and approval to implementation. 
    Set up and configuration of application software, including CATIA, CATIA Companion (TomCat Server),
     Microsoft, Printer/Plotter device, Symantec PGP Encryption and Adobe Acrobat Professional.


JARKAR LLC                                                                                          February 2009 - Current
Mechanical Engineering Designer
(Product Manufacturing, Customization)
Mechanical engineering design using Solid Works Premium 2010 for custom products.
Customized USB Pens, Mouse and other devices for clients including logo inscriptions.
Sell USB products and other electronic devices to other businesses. 
Performed data management and pro-active administrative organization.
Document control while continuing on-going projects and revisions to completion.
Costco Wholesale Corporation, Lynnwood, WA                                         March 1999 – April 2010
Computer Sales / Customer Support
Achieved goals in helping customers solve technical computer related issues.
Solved office administrative, sales floor related computer hardware and software technical problems. 
Monitored stock shortages and replenished stock levels in a timely manner.
Generated sales by creating merchandise screen savers and other related advertising materials.
Constructed steel beams to increase storage space and built display units.  
Trained co-workers about the knowledge of electronics and technical information.
Sverdrup & Parcel Engineering Inc., St. Louis, MO                                     September 1997 - December 1997
Civil CAD Designer  
Coordinated the projects with management phase of objectives and goals.
Drafted on Intergraph Main Frame Computer Systems with 4 screen displays to vantage point viewing of line      layers and sectional vertices.
Designed and created 2D and 3D modeling of engineered diagrams according to the draft specifications and document control guidelines.
Training including direct command line interface and graphic user interface structures for beams, platforms, retaining walls and roadway civil engineering projects.
 Washington State Dept. of Transportation, Shoreline, WA                        April 1990 – September 1990
 Drafting Revisions / Concrete Inspector 
Completed drawing revisions and administrative tasks under the supervision of a professional engineer for roadway construction at state offices.
Accomplished goals in testing wet concrete to increase quality standards by using air entrainment, slump and the grade of concrete materials.
Calculated concrete, asphalt yields and material consistencies while creating samples.
Delivered assignments with state vehicles to State offices for signature approvals while completing administrative tasks for engineering projects.
Performed all tasks in a timely fashion to meet projected goals.


CATIA V5 Aerospace Technical Designer
* Generative Shape Design (G.S.D.)               *Sheet Metal Design
* Part Design (*.Part)                                     *Tube Design
* Asssembly Design (*.Product)                     *Drafting (views, ortho, A.S.M.E., ISO, Tolerances)
* Knowledgeware (Visual Basic)                    *DMU Kinematics (motion)
Mechanical Engineering Graphics Design:
CATIA V5 R20, Solidworks 2010 and AutoCAD 2010: Proficient in mechanical drafting and 3D parametric model drawings, advanced surface modeling,
exploded views, section views, auxiliary views, dimensioning, orthographic extraction, assembly drawing, bill of materials and organization.
Strong proactive communication skills, organizing of engineering graphic documents, drawing analysis and problem solving. 
Structural Engineering Graphics Design: 
Mechanical engineering graphics design and civil drafting graphics designs, drawings, tolerance Beam designs for copes and other interconnecting connections
using A.I.S.C. standards for grades of Steel, loads, Beam connections and allowable gauges to determine the structural strengths of designs.   
Electronics Assembly:
Schematic design and interpretation, wire wrapping, soldering, component identification, circuit theory, diagnostics and analysis.   
Engineering Programs:
CATIA V5 R20, Solidworks 2010, AutoCAD 2010, 3D Studio Max, Maya 3D and Bryce 3D.
Loren Davis       Phone: (360) 794-5216
Position: Quality Control Specialist
Art Lovestadt   Bellevue College
Position: BI Professor BUSIT 103 (T-SQL)
Email: art.lovestedt@bellevuecollege.edu
Linda Rumans Bellevue College
Position: BI Professor BUSIT 105 (SSRS, SSAS, Cube Analysis)
Email: lrumans@bellevuecollege.edu
Scott Acton    Auto CAD Instructor, Engineering Graphics: Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Boeing Engineering Technical Designer - Seattle, WA
Email:  scott.acton@lwtc.edu
Adam Petersen   CATIA V5 Instructor, Engineering Graphics: Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Boeing Engineering Technical Designer - Seattle, WA
Email:  adam.peterson@lwtc.edu
Ken Brown     Solidworks Instructor, Engineering Graphics: Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Email:  ken.brown@lwtc.edu

Definitions with Examples:
Truncate / Delete
Delete adds information to a log file and truncate does not, allowing to save space. 
Since delete logs the information, it continues rows that existed in numerical sequence from where it left off.
Truncate bypasses the log transaction function and will allow you to begin your information at row 1 again on the table.
    [ { database_name .[ schema_name ] . | schema_name . } ]
    [ WITH ( PARTITIONS ( { <partition_number_expression> | <range> } 
    [ , ...n ] ) ) ]
[ ; ]

<range> ::=
<partition_number_expression> TO <partition_number_expression>
Note: If a foreign key is referenced to the table, truncate will give an error. You must delete the foreign key to that table in order to truncate it and then replace the key after truncating.
Make sure you have Identity_Insert Set to ON for the corresponding table you wish to truncate or populate with information.


SET IDENTITY_INSERT Database. dbo. Table ON



Note: All other tables that have Identity_Insert set to on will cause an error. Set all other tables Identity_Insert to off.
SET IDENTITY_INSERT Database. dbo. Table OFF
Notes to Remember:
--========================Set Me As The Only User Working============================
Note: Before you set the database to SINGLE_USER, verify that the AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS_ASYNC option is set to OFF.
   When this option is set to ON, the background thread that is used to update statistics takes a connection
   against the database, and you will be unable to access the database in single-user mode.


  Check to see which databases have UPDATE STATISTICS_ASYNC set to enabled (ON) using the script below:

  SELECT name, is_auto_update_stats_on, is_auto_update_stats_async_on
  FROM sys.databases


  Shows Settings:
  SELECT name, user_access_desc, is_read_only, state_desc, recovery_model_desc
  FROM sys.databases


SET AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS_ASYNC OFF --Add this Setting if Needed, before setting to single user mode.
Remember to check and see if it is Set to ON in the Database First.
Date Function
SQL Code Projects (Syntax): (More Coming Soon)
Complete Data Warehouse 
C# Projects: 
Data Mining Methods:

Statistical Analysis: 


ASP.NET / C# (Web Development)  (Coming Soon)





CATIA V5 projects and 3D Models:
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Generative Shape Design:
Dune Buggy CATIA V5 Model
Dune Buggy (Rendered)
Some of the drawings  and 3D Models that I have done:
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View many of the Project Samples All-Together: Click Here
View Many of the Project Samples Individually Click Below:
Mechanical Machine (Solidworks)
                                                                                                   StockBracket (CATIA V5)
Spur Gear (CATIA V5)
                                                                                                   ButterflyValve (CATIA V5)
Pulley (CATIA V5)
                                                                                                  PlumberBlock (CATIA V5)
Power Pump (CATIA V5)